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The effect that Covid-19 is having on local business

20th March 2020

Overnight with flights being cancelled and bars, clubs, restaurants, theatres and social gatherings being closed to slow the spread of Covid-19, JET Cars saw most of their pre booked journeys cancelled. 

Instead of sitting around, Jamie wanted to do something proactive to help many of his customers (Old & New) So posted an offer on the JET Cars facebook page. 

This went almost viral with nearly 1000 shares and 100,000 views! 

Please visit the facebook page here to see the original post and what we are doing to keep our customers as safe as possible:

but this is the Follow up from Surrey Live;


Train vs Taxi to get you to the plane?

2nd February 2020


You've booked your summer holiday or business trip now plan how you are getting to the airport....

The Gatwick express train runs from Reading with local stops at Wokingham,Crowthorne, Sandhurst & Blackwater. But is it really that convenient? 

The first train gets you in to Gatwick for around 6am and the last train leaves Gatwick around 11pm. The cost for this is around £20 per person each-way.

  • But how do you get to the station? 
  • What do you do if the train is delayed, cancelled or replaced by a bus replacement service?
  •  Will you have to change between terminals? 
  • How about the way back - what happens if your flight is delayed or takes longer to clear customs than expected. Do you want to be hanging around on a station platform after a long transatlantic flight for example?

At JET Cars our Gatwick private hire transfer service is comparative in cost to taking 3 passengers. and with 6 seats available could work out even cheaper than the train per person. 

  • It is a door to door service
  • 24/7 comfortable private transfer
  • pre-book in advance
  • We will monitor flights and traffic so no hanging around. 
  • Help with luggage.
  • Meet and greet service available
  • If your flight gets redirected to another airport so will we*

This post is not "anti train" and as a family we have used The Gatwick express from local stations ourselves but only if the flight times allowed. 

You can't even get a direct train from Camberley, Wokingham, Fleet, Blackwater etc to Heathrow......


Heathrow Headaches? 

16th February 2020

With 213,000 passengers passing through its 4 (yes 4 not 5!) terminals every day and flight "movements" (travel talk for landing or departing) every 45 seconds, If you are a regular traveler you may well have experienced Europe's busiest airport at some time or another.

However with all those people going to and from Heathrow you would have thought that public transport links from Berkshire,Hampshire & Surrey would have kept up.

So whats the best way to get to Heathrow by public transport?

From Wokingham or even Blackwater, Crowthorne and Sandhurst to get on the Heathrow Express you will first need to get to Reading station.  If you are travelling from Yateley or Eversley, you will first need to get to the station! That is a lot of changes and a lengthy journey with cases - It can take up to 2 hours at off peak times.

Once at Heathrow the station best serves terminals 2 & 3.

From Camberley, Farnborough or Fleet  you will first need to get to Feltham before changing trains and often requires an additional change in Ascot. 

If you want to go by coach you can pick up the Railair from Reading or Guildford stations to Heathrow.


The Heathrow express is less than £10; providing you have got into London first, and booked via their mobile app 90 days in advance. Reading to Heathrow tickets can cost in the region of £45 per person each way.

Railair Coaches average £20 per adult each way. 

Forget that I'll drive.....

But what about airport parking costs?

Heathrow Long stay parking for all terminals is an average of £85 for 7 days and then you will still have to get the shuttle to the terminal building. Meet and greet at the short stay is in excess of £100 for the same duration. 

So whats the BEST & cheapest way to get to Heathrow?

Without wanting to sound biased the best way is a pre-booked taxi by far. Any time, day or night, weekdays and weekends-

  • It is a door to door service for all terminals
  • 24/7 comfortable private transfer
  • pre-book in advance
  • We will monitor flights and traffic so no hanging around.
  • Help with luggage.
  • Meet and greet service available
We canaccommodate  up to 6 passengers and prices starting from £40 each way this is just £10 per head with 4 passengers. 

So next time you fly will you really get the train?!

Please call or message 07875 312747 for your personalised quote to Heathrow.


Stress free Southampton....

16th February 2020

Find out more about travelling to and from Southampton airport,  & cruise terminals. (taxi vs public transport)   What to do if you have a respositioning cruise, how much time you need for customs and more. 

If you can't wait for the next blog please message via contact us and we can share all the tips and tricks ready for your travel.

Please note, prices mentioned in these blogs are correct at time of publishing and travel advice is personal based on 15 years of travel industry experience

international womens day

Our top tip for keeping safe when travelling alone

8th March 2020

This may not quite be a blog but this tip was too important not to share.... (you can see the post on our facebook page too) 

Happy International Womens day to all our female followers!

At JET cars we appreciate that getting into a vehicle with someone you don't know can be worrying, which is why our driver (Jamie) is Hart district council registered as a private hire taxi, (license on display in the cab), he is blue lamp trust certified and holds an enhanced DBS certificate. We'll message you on arrival from the JET cars number 07875 312 747.

But we also appreciate that JET Cars may not be there to help on every journey so if you are ever travelling alone, (male or female) follow our top tip.....


Yes thats right - take a selfie or just a photo, ideally of the license plate/badge and share it with a friend. Genuine taxi drivers will understand.

And if you take a selfie with our driver Jamie please feel free to share over on our facebook page! 😄

Please note, prices mentioned in these blogs are correct at time of publishing and travel advice is personal based on 15 years of travel industry experience

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